First Name :   Amanda
State :   Oklahoma
Comment :   Pearl is the sweetest dog/pet Ive had. She is our entertainment every evening after dinner. She loves her toys and knows several by name. She gets car sick but we may have that under control. We feel very blessed to have her as part of our family.
Puppys Name :   Pearl aka PooPoo
First Name :   EuTYJIfJDwiUyjtoNyJ
State :   YcmkQsbHuMYk
Comment :   IR9vDb shvyjcwjamhf , [url=]gbstnfwpipmn[/url], [link=]mpckdccjsylw[/link],
Puppys Name :   lbBcyeCMLeUCDjU
First Name :   Deseray & Justin
State :   Oklahoma
Comment :   We thank you so much for Aeris. She is the best. She is very friendly and she is such a sweet little girl. We love her so much! She has gotten so big.
Puppys Name :   Aeris
First Name :   Emily
State :   Maryland
Comment :   Thank you Lisa! Flora is now 9 months old! and she is the perfect little thing! She is so smart and full energy and has a personality on her. She is spoiled like no other and loves to go on long walks with us. Thank you so much for bringing her into our l
Puppys Name :   Flora
First Name :   joan
State :   ct
Comment :   we love our new puppy OWEN aka panda
Puppys Name :   OWEN aka panda
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